Who we are….

SokoroDesign is a brand manufacturing sustainable wooden accessories. We love to design and craft fashionable, eco-friendly items with consideration for nature and respect for the materials and their qualities. The designing and production processes take place at our workshop which is divided into a carpentry workshop and a design studio equipped with a laser cutter.

Each and every product is crafted with enthusiasm and sentiment. Nature – and in particular wood – is the endless source of our inspiration. With great devotion to wood we focus on designing and producing products that enable our attachment to personal items and to the natural environment. We are committed to fashioning items that stimulate our fantasy and develop our handicraft skills.

The name “sokoro” in wood technology describes the profile of the cross section of a wooden trunk. In furniture design it refers to the side part of the furniture from which one can see the grains of the wood.  Since one of our main tools is the laser cutter, the burned edge is the “sokoro”. Therefore we borrowed the term to form a bridge between the origins of “sokoro” and its application.

Our workshop is based in Western Greece and is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and materials needed for high-quality work of professional standards. It is guaranteed that our products will reach you in perfect condition.

Packaging is part of each product and adds to the quality of it. Therefore we treat it with the same care as we treat our main products. We design and construct each packaging according to the product’s dimensions and needs.

There are no limits in designing and creating handicrafts of outstanding quality.