Eco-Friendly Products

Respect for materials and their origin forms the basis of our philosophy. Therefore, eco-consciousness and sustainability dictate our choice of raw materials which is done with special care for the environment.

Our accessories are made exclusively from wood certificated by FCS Standards whose main policy is to protect the environment and monitor controlled use of the forests’ resources.


Our philosophy is also inspired by the idea of wood forming a link between nature and sustainable production. Therefore we pay tremendous attention to the origin of our materials and the impact of their use on our planet.

Additionally, ecological, water-based varnishes are used for the coloring and finishing of our items.

Environmentally conscious by principle and loyal to our eco-friendly philosophy, we use eco-leather for the crafting of our decorative items such as handles and clasps.

We have managed to strike the perfect balance between environmentally friendly principles and imaginative design and a considerable amount of effort goes into the materials’ supply.

Our products are 100% handmade, fashioned with commitment and enthusiasm. Ethical manufacturing and ethical sourcing as well as passion for creating eco-friendly items are to be found among our greatest values.