Crossbody bag

Dimensions: 23.6 x 8.6 x 18.3 cm



Blackbird- Wooden handmade cross-body bag


Blackbird  is a totally handmade wooden cross-body bag made out of pure birch wood and inner leather coating. A woman’s bag is essential part of her outfit. It is a fashion signature, a mark, a way to express her personal style and creativity. As a stylish proposal this cross-body bag is absolutely unique.

Blackbird is a classy bag easy to carry around all day long and on every occasion. Its simple design allows you to match it with any outfit. An artistic touch is added to your style.

This wooden handmade cross-bag is polished and finished with ecological varnish after having been processed appropriately and adequately enough to attain a smooth and clear surface.

Its interior space is layered with firm leather coating applied directly on the wood.  In this way your favourite personal items are protected from any damage or scratches. Blackbird is spacious enough to carry your smartphone, your wallet as well as other essentials. The philosophy around the design is based on the performance of our laser-cutter and its capacities.

Cross-body bags are practical and elegant as they flatter our figure. This style of bags goes perfectly with loose, baggy outfits especially in the summertime.


  • Cross-body bag
  • wood
  • leather inside coating
  • plenty space for smartphone and wallet
  • stable metal clasp
  • handmade in Greece

We love to design and craft handmade items with respect for the materials and their qualities. The designing and production processes take place at our workshop which is divided into a carpentry workshop and a design studio equipped with our laser cutter. Each and every item is crafted with enthusiasm and sentiment. We are committed to fashioning items that stimulate our fantasy and develop our handicraft skills.


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